Devon Furniture Makers

Diary Date: Natasha Gowdy Exhibition 18 - 24 May, 2014

Devon Furniture Makers member Natasha Gowdy is holding a week-long exhibition of her work at Birdwood House Gallery in Totnes, Devon.  She will be showing recent pieces made expressly for the show and the exhibition will be largely made up of small hand made items using a variety of English hardwoods.

All pieces are for sale and well within the range of anyone looking to invest in a well designed lovingly hand made piece of beautiful English woodwork for the home. Natasha will be there every day to meet visitors and discuss her work.

Who: Natasha Gowdy, Contemporary Handmade Furniture
Where: Birdwood Gallery, High Street, Totnes, Devon
When: 18th - 24th May, 2014, 10am - 5pm daily

Posted on 6.05.14