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Kasumi Knife Box

My client Jakki, a keen cook, has a set of stunning Kasumi Damascus Steel Knives which are made in Seki, Japan, the traditional home of the ancient Japanese sword smiths. 

Using the Damascene method the knives have 32 layers of steel hammered together in their construction made from V-Gold high carbon steel.  Jakki felt that such precisely made objects need an equally precise home, with easy access to the knives and storage for the honing kit.

The commission produced a jewellery box type design both in construction and quality. 

Press the stainless steel buttons and the top springs up, to reveal a lift out tray.  This holds the knives in custom made recesses, one for each type, and is lined with Alcantara suede.  The sharpening implements are housed under the lift out tray.

The whole box is made from maple wood and finished with natural organic wax oil. 

Posted on 7.05.19